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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese inner martial art that focuses on movement, breath and meditation to achieve wholeness and stillness. The health benefits of Tai Chi are well documented.  


The Tai Chi 24 teaching system is a revolutionary new way to learn Tai Chi.  Created by Sifu Chris Crudelli (of BBC's Mind Body Kick Ass Moves), students learn efficiently and authentically by learning step-by-step for 24 months.      








Bone Health

Brain Function

THE benefits of TAI CHI 24

Tranquility  at your fingertips

Tai Chi 24
For the first time in history
Proven 24 step programme that has changed literally 1000's of lives all over the world.

Supportive fully Certified Trainers teach you:
Meditation, Breath control & Tai Chi movements to develop:  Tranquility, Flexibility & Balance.

Building deeper mental and physical resilience & well being on each of the 24 lessons.

train smarter

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  • Tried and tested 24 month programme
  • Learn with others in a live class
  • Be accountable
  • Make new friends
  • Full recorded copy of every class sent to you
  • Live personalised feedback each class
  • Train in the comfort of your own home
  • Supportive, structured environment
  • Learn at your own pace

How it works 

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Wherever You Are  

Access friendly supportive Tai Chi 24 Certified classes & instructors who will help you grow.  

World-class trainers in your living room!  

A tried and tested 24-month training programme that has changed 1000's of peoples lives across the world.

believe the hype

Top Industry Rated 

We are endorsed by the Southern Shaolin Temple Abbot, China. 

Richard Alan, Sweden

“I would never have been able to fit physical classes into my schedule. 
But now I can train at home after the kids are in bed.”


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Meet the founder 

World Renowned 

“One of the top ten (traditional) martial artists alive today.”-The Telegraph

“Stunning.”-Daily Mail

“The most engaging presenter on British TV”-The Times

“Gifted.”-The Sunday Times

“Crudelli is the real deal”-Men’s Fitness

"Lets see if you can do what Crudelli can Mr Blaine"-Zoo Magazine

all you need to know

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Karis Benjamin, UK

“Wonderful online classes and a strong community. Extremely beneficial to me.”

Sally Golding, UK

“Tai Chi 24 has improved both my physical and mental health, helping me cope with the stresses of modern life.”

Paul Drake, UK

“Tai Chi 24 calms me and brings awareness back to my whole body.”

Nick Bonnet, France

“Simple Classes led by friendly down-to-earth experts.”

Founder seen on 

Caroline Taro, USA

“In the few weeks of learning, I'm surprised by the insight on how to balance my body.  I'm motivated and excited to learn more.”

Laurel Wilson, UK

“Help guaranteed at any stage you need it.  A fantastic community you enter into.  Truly positive.  Helped with my anxiety."

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  • World class live tuition at your pace
  • A tried and tested structured curriculum
  • Certification of achievement
  • Recordings of all classes sent to you
  • Membership of private support group with tips and tricks
  • Regular personal guidance from your instructor
  • Help and support from a multi award-winning team at every step of the way
  • Inclusion into a positive and vibrant community
  • Be a part of a globally recognised and industry respected, quality assured club

  • Yes. Every lesson you join, your instructor will guide your progress.
  • Classes work out approx £5 or $6 per class
  • Cancel anytime policy
  • £49 GBP per month
  • or $59 USD per month
  • A variety of different class times are offered to suit your schedule depending on the instructor!
  • Find an instructor that suits you best and we do the rest!
  • We will send you a Zoom link
  • Jump online 5 min before class starts
  • Input your unique code
  • Enjoy!
  • Don't worry! Your instructor will send you a recording of class so you can catch up at anytime you want.
  • Absolutely none! We will take you from zero to hero. All certified Tai Chi 24 instructors are highly experienced and will cater to any skill level.
  • Send us your details and we'll get in touch to take care of everything!

Our founder studied under famous masters in China:

  • 5x China National 1st Place Champion GM Zhao (Jet Li's Classmate)
  • Master Sun ranked 3rd place in all China.

Sifu Crudelli is a Senior Master Instructor of Tai Chi. Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB): the largest Tai Chi Organisation in the UK recognises Sifu Crudelli as ranked "S", for Senior. "S" Rank is the highest possible rank within the organisation.

Who Are We?

  • Founder endorsed as Top Tier master by the Southern Shaolin Abbott, China.
  • Founder is the first Westerner to teach at the famed Southern Shaolin Temple China.
  • System developed by the world's leading deep knowledge expert Sifu Chris Crudelli.
  • This 24-step programme draws on 35yrs experience training, research & teaching at the highest level.
  • 35 years training with extensive network of 100's of Top Tier Traditional Masters across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan Japan, Korea, Philippines & India.
  • Founder is fluent in modern & classical Chinese.
  • Founder is a graduate of London University Chinese Dept & Beijing Teachers University.
  • Mandarin language Ambassador on behalf of UK Gov & UK Dept of Education.
  • Founder conducted deep subject research of over 300 Martial Arts and compiled the world's most comprehensive encyclopaedia, The Way of the Warrior, published by DK books in UK, USA, Japan, Australia and Canada.
  • The Founder's smash hit BBC TV Series' 'Mind Body Kick Ass Moves' Broadcast in 180 Countries & loved by over 1 billion viewers.
  • Drawing on extensive broadcast experience with BBC & Discovery Chanel we developed a fresh, engaging & unique framework for teaching online.
  • Yes! We are Top School Winner.
  • Black Belt International Outstanding Dedication Award 2009
  • MAI Hall of fame winner 2018
  • Martial Arts Illustrated Award Evening Winner 2016
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame winner 2017
  • Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame 2017
  • Martial Arts Magazine Award 2017
  • Hall of Fame Winner 2018 (Awarded by Benny the Jet Urquidez)
  • MAI Super Star Hall of Fame Award 2019 (awarded by Bill Superfoot Wallace)
  • Black Belt Best School Winner 2019
  • Martial Arts Illustrated Top School 2019 Award Winner

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On-line training is available to students anywhere in the world!

In-Person training is now available in select regions!  Please get in touch to see if we service your area!